Social_drinking My girl friend sent me this and thought I should add it to my web site. So, I’m thinking about it. For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m the type of drinker who after two alcoholic drinks, usually ends up either throwing up or going to bed with a blinding migraine. Needless to say I don’t do a lot of drinking. My husband refers to me as a ‘cheap date’.

Still, at my last checkup I did tell the Doctor that I was a social drinker, probably a bit of a stretch, but I couldn’t bring my self to say I abstain as it kinda makes me look like ‘antisocial’.

Anyway this is what I was sent, and I was interested in what everyone else thinks about it, especially my girlfriends from the southern USA alcohol free areas.

We, the undersigned, take exception to the claim that social drinking in the presence of our children is a sign of irresponsible or bad parenting. Further, we contend that it is moderation that makes responsible drinkers, and that moderation and good sense are the responsibility of all citizens; that healthy attitudes towards the consumption of alcohol are learned in the home; that successful parenting does not require us to sacrifice the exercise of our own maturity in order to protect our children’s innocence; and that our society has more to fear from the poor judgment and intemperance of institutions which prey on parental insecurities than with the hospitality we share with other mothers in our parenting journey.

Now maybe I’m living in the wrong town, but so far no one has ever accused me of being a bad parent because I have a social drink or allow others to have a social drink in my home. So I don’t think I need to post it on my home page. The other reason I don’t want to put it on there is because I’m trying to give up parental guilt.

But as a discussion what do you all think? Anyone out there think we have to abstain from social drinking in front of our kids? I agree we can’t be drunken fools in front of them, but I do think I can still have a glass of wine. I just don’t feel the need to justify it on my homepage and then join the “support link”. I do however like the picture. Unfortunately my tendency is probably not to use it in the way it was intended.

Wine around the pool anyone?

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