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Chopping my head off.

Let me set the scene:

My nine year old son and I are frantically turning the house upside down trying to find his recorder for school this morning. At the same time I am lecturing him about how ‘I told you to put it in your backpack last night, so that you would have it in the morning etc etc..’

Meanwhile my 12 year old daughter is wailing downstairs about how we’re going to be late for school AGAIN, and how she hates all of us. I have no idea what the youngest child was doing during all this, but she’s bright so she was probably just staying out of the way somewhere.

So in the middle of all this LOVE my son turns to me and says: ‘I wish I could just chop your head off.’

Now I realize he isn’t going to do it and he doesn’t mean it, but it did stop me dead as I tried to figure out how to deal with it.

I think it bothered me even more today as I’m three-quarters of the way through Phillippa Gregory’s The Boleyn Inheritance, which is a fictional remake of the life of Katherine Howard, one of Henry VIII’s wives – who, if you’ve forgotten your English history, really did get her head chopped off.

But really, chop my head off? Where does that come from? My son the King. Geesh.

Anyone know a good punishment for a kid who wants to chop your head off?

I’m off to hide all the knives.

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