Cookie, MY new pet…

So, as many of you know my darling son saved all of his nickels and then took them and bought himself a guinea pig. Not a bad thing and just as we all suspected the care of said guinea pig has fallen to his mother. He does have the best of intentions of looking after the thing but what can I tell you, he’s nine. And he’s a male. Sigh.

The real problem with "Cookie’ is that I’ve become quite attached to her and now constantly find myself talking to her or sneaking her treats. I’ve also been thinking that her cage is too small and that maybe we should invest in a big living space for her. Nothing’s too good for my newest little friend.

Yesturday, I went to the pet store and priced cages and the next sized cage was over $200. Yikes! So I didn’t pick up a new cage, but while I was at the pet store I checked with their guinea pig ‘expert’ (yes, I know it’s a sixteen year old kid) to make sure I’m feeding the little thing correctly. It seems that I am, but while we were talking, I mentioned that the guinea pig loves carrots. The expert then got very serious and tells me that I shouldn’t give the pig too many carrots because it’ll make her fat. She tells me I should give the pig more lettuce instead.

The only problem with this advice is that my pig doesn’t like lettuce, she likes carrots. The lettuce just gets left to rot in the cage.

Besides, eating carrots doesn’t seem like it should be fattening, so I’m giving the guinea pig carrots. We can be fat together.

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